What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a cornerstone of digital marketing. In today’s market where everyone is online, and companies battle it out for customers attention, having great SEO is the best way to ensure that your messaging and content can reach your audience.

SEO breaks down into 3 overarching categories:

  1. Technical SEO: focuses on optimizing the technical side of your website so that it can be easily and efficiently crawled and indexed by Google
  2. On-page SEO: focuses on optimizing page content so that you can improve your rankings for those specific pages
  3. Off-page SEO: focuses on optimizing your backlinks so you can build authority for your brand and your content (which helps your rankings)

In this Playbook, you’ll learn how to leverage Technical SEO to optimize your WordPress website. We’ll cover a variety of best practices, and some tactics and tools you can use to get your website SEO friendly in no time.

Let’s start off with a review of some SEO basics and frequently used terminology.