Understand the Layout of the Template

The template is designed in 3 columns:

  • Column A is the Time Code. This contains your estimation of how long each section of the video will be. It’s also useful information for your video and production teams because it helps them know when different things need to happen and what words you’ll be saying when those things happen.
  • Column B is the Audio Script. This is the verbatim script for your VSL. Here, you’ll see example copy and notes on how to draft your sales copy in each section of the video. Borrow liberally from the examples we give you.
  • Column C contains your production notes for the section of the video on that row. This is where you’ll tell your videographer and production team what you visualize for this section of the video: background music, sound effects, cuts, animations, text callouts, camera angle changes, etc.

Each section has an example row and a blank row below it. That’s to make it easy for you to add more rows as you need them.