Take the Assessment

Keap encourages all small business owners to take the Lifecycle Marketing Assessment to evaluate their business across the Lifecycle Marketing framework. Completing the assessment should take less than 10 minutes, and doing so will provide compelling insight that will resonate for a long, long time.

“I guarantee that when you go through this assessment process that you’re going to quickly see areas of opportunity and waste in your business,” Martineau said. “Along the way, we’ll be arming you with suggestions and strategies for what you can actually do in each of those areas where you want to put focus. This will require you to have a systematic thinking about it, and you’ll have to pick a strategy you’re going to put into place, but in many cases there are strategies that are super-low cost. Some of the raw material is already sitting in your business, and the Lifecycle Marketing framework will help you uncover that.”

MacDonald encourages fellow entrepreneurs to approach the assessment with a relaxed mind.

“It’s not a final exam or an SAT score, it’s really here to serve you,” MacDonald said. “It’s a guiding prompt to have you go through sort of a self-discovery, to reflect on your business in this framework; so be merciful, and be honest, and hopefully what it does is it creates moments of clarity, and a little bit of that helpful anxiety of ‘Oh my gosh, there’s waste right here,’ or ‘There’s a gap right here,’ and you transform that into opportunity. I’m confident what you’ll find is something will be so clear and so compelling that you realize, ‘I need to cancel my plans for this afternoon and go put something in place that addresses this thing right now,’ whatever that area is. And that would be an amazing step forward.”

A final webinar

Entrepreneur/former Keap employee Justin MacDonald displays how Lifecycle Marketing uncovers methods that help you collect leads, convert clients, and create fans to guarantee growth in your business.