Starting From Scratch: Set Up Your Account

When creating an account for the first time, it’s okay (and preferable) that you don’t add a credit card until you’re ready to start spending. It would be easy to accidentally activate an unfinished campaign and spend more than you planned!

Google will prompt you to begin setting up your first campaign with their Smart Campaigns feature. This is a great way to get started quickly, but to have access to all the settings discussed in this Playbook, you’ll have to switch to Expert Mode.

Note: Once you opt out of Smart Mode you cannot opt back in.

To opt out: Start your new Ads account and on the “Main Advertising Goals” page, select the “Experienced with Google Ads?” option underneath. This will take you to a more advanced campaign set up.

If you already have a Smart Mode account, when you start a new campaign there should be a small “Switch to Expert at the bottom”.

To start, we’ll create an account without a campaign by clicking the small link underneath the goals.

Action Item: Set Up Your Ad’s Account And Switch To Expert Mode.