Start Tagging Your Traffic

Okay, so we know it’s important that we tag our traffic, but… How do we do that?

It’s a pretty simple process. Essentially you tag your traffic by using UTMs. UTMs are snippets of code you include after your URLs that tell google how they should categorize traffic that comes from this specific URL.

You can set the following Parameters using UTMs:

Campaign Source: where this URL is. Is it on a website? Then the source is probably the website name. Is it on a Google Ad? Then the source is probably Google.

Campaign Medium: what type of traffic the URL will send. Is it a referral from a different site? Then its medium is referral.           

Campaign Name: the name of your campaign. This is basically an identifier for you. It’s used a lot when tagging traffic from ads.     

Campaign Term: These are the Keywords you use in the ad (used when tagging traffic from ads).    

Campaign Content: another identifier you can use if you are A/B testing different ads for the same campaign/campaign terms.

These UTMs are super easy to set up, and the best part about it is that you get to categorize your traffic however you want. Google has created a tool that makes UTMs for you—thank you Google gods! All you do is input the parameter’s and your link and google will create a new link with your UTMs.

Now it’s your turn…

Action Item: Practice Setting Up A UTM With The Help Of Google’s UTM Tool.