Sitting or Standing?

We’ve almost covered all the important questions when it comes to framing your subject in a way that lends visual strength and draws the viewer’s eye.

Lastly, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of having your subject sitting or standing in the video.


Having your subject sit down lends an informal, chatty kind of vibe to your video:

It can work well if you’re teaching or informing. But it’s bad posturing for sales, so we don’t recommend sitting down when you’re actually selling in your video.

Sitting on a Stool 

Another option that’s kind of partway between sitting and standing is to use an elevated posture, such as sitting on a stool.

When you use this in combination with a subject superior shot, it can give the viewer the feeling of sitting at your feet—which, again, is great for teaching:


Standing is for leading. Standing is the most active, dynamic, and powerful posture you can take.

Anytime you’re selling on video, stand up!

ACTION ITEM: Based on The Video You’re Shooting, Decide If Your Subject Will Deliver the Message Sitting or Standing.