Set Up Goal Tracking

Now that you have decided on the goals you are going to track, it’s time to set them up inside Analytics.

You can access your goals in the Admin section under “View.”

There are a few different pre-set goals you can use, or you can create a custom goal from scratch.

If you are using a template, google will auto-fill the goal type and settings for you, leaving you to fill in the URL, and that’s about it. However, if you want to set a custom goal, you will have to configure all the settings yourself.

Any goal you set will fall into 1 of 4 categories: Destination, Duration, Pages/Screens per session, or Event.

Let’s quickly review these different goal types, and when you would use them.

Destination: this goal will trigger anytime someone lands on a specific URL.

You can use this goal type to track things like thank you pages (meaning someone must have made a purchase), or opt-in pages. 

Duration: this goal will trigger anytime someone sits on a designated page for a specified amount of time.

You might want to use this goal type for customer support purposes, or to see how long someone spends browsing before purchasing. 

 Pages/Screens per session: these goal types will trigger based on how many (or few) pages someone goes through during one session.

Some people use this goal type to measure how efficient they’re website layout is.

 Events: this goal type will trigger anytime someone takes a pre-defined action that you specify beforehand. (Note: you would have to set up the event tracking with a few extra steps, but we will get to that next)

            Lots of people use event goals to track things like button usage, downloads, etc.

Action Item: Go Back Through The Goals That You Wrote Down On Your Planning Guide And Take Note Of Which Goal Type You Will Need To Set Up In Order To Track That Goal.

Google has a great resource to help walk you through how to set up different types of goals, and also dives into setting up events that you can then track with event goals.

Action Item: Review The Google Resource: Create, Edit, And Share Goals, To Learn How To Set Up Your Specific Goal Type. Then, Set Up Your Goals!

In the next module, we will go over how you can use the google reports to help gain insights from the goals you set, and the traffic you tagged.