At Keap, we’ve crafted a strategic marketing system that countless small businesses have utilized to great success for nearly two decades. It’s called Lifecycle Marketing.

“Lifecycle Marketing started as a concept to help us figure out how we can explain to people the problem that our software is solving for them,” said Scott Martineau, who co-founded Infusionsoft, which rebranded as Keap in 2019. “It’s our attempt, as a company, at helping to explain to small business owners the common problems that they face as they’re trying to acquire new customers. Then, we use it to share examples of the strategies that businesses who are most successful use to grow their business.”

Rather than working harder, Keap suggests that small business owners looking to grow their companies work smarter by leveraging Lifecycle Marketing, which can save time, energy, and money. After all, growing a business is directly tied to the experience that a company’s leads, prospects and customers have had and/or are having.

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For the purposes of Lifecycle Marketing, “marketing” refers to everything that a small business is doing to get its unique value into the market. In other words, marketing, sales, and follow-up communication with customers.

The Lifecycle Marketing model provides a simple framework of three key systems that cover the nine phases of a customer’s journey. Small business owners can use these systems to design a marketing strategy that will help them lure potential customers, sell to them, and deliver an experience that impresses them and keeps them coming back—with referrals.

“Most businesses are hemorrhaging,” Martineau said. “They don’t always know this when we start to talk with them, but most businesses have three significant areas of waste and if they could just plug those holes in their business, they could actually grow without needing to go out and spend a lot more money or even a lot more time.”

The Lifecycle Marketing model was designed to address the aforementioned “three significant areas of waste.” It creates:

  • A system for collecting leads — “Collect Leads”
  • A system for converting those leads into paying clients and customers — “Convert Clients”
  • A system for taking those customers and creating fans who are buying more and telling friends about you — “Create Fans”

“A lot of times, entrepreneurs suffer from ‘shiny object syndrome,’ and when you don’t have a method for categorizing and organizing all of the shiny objects that you see, you end up just spinning your wheels,” Keap co-founder Clate Mask said. “So, one of the things we’ve learned over the years is that Lifecycle Marketing is very effective to get entrepreneurs into organized and systematic action as opposed to chasing the flavor of the day, or that shiny object, or that some promised thing that is going to change your business.”

Justin MacDonald, a former Keap employee who’s now thriving as a multiple small business owner thanks, in great part, to Lifecycle Marketing, sees additional benefits.

“Not only does Lifecycle Marketing help you categorize things, you also start to see gaps where you don’t have anything happening in your marketing,” MacDonald said. “And those are, of course, the holes in the journey where people are falling out, and those are your greatest opportunities to go do something, even something small, that’s going to create immediate growth for your business, whether that’s in revenue, whether that’s in time savings, or whether that’s in peace of mind.”

Keap is actively introducing Lifecycle Marketing to small business owners via webinars featuring Martineau, Mask, MacDonald and Keap Inbound Marketing Specialist Jack Smithson. Links to some archived webinars will appear throughout this guide where applicable.

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Keap co-founders Scott Martineau and Clate Mask introduce Lifecycle Marketing—Keap’s proven small business growth model.

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