Defining a Lead Magnet

So what IS a Lead Magnet?

Conceptually, a Lead Magnet is exactly what it sounds like: a “magnet” that pulls prospects into your marketing funnel by giving them a specific chunk of value in exchange for their contact information (usually an email address).

Think of it as an irresistible bribe.

More specifically, a Lead Magnet can take many forms: a file (PDF, spreadsheet, video, etc.), a discount or promotion, a software trial, and so on.

It’s usually delivered via an opt-in form. Any decent email service provider can build forms like this:

As we mentioned, the goal of the Lead Magnet is to generate leads for your business. 

If you build your Lead Magnets properly they will convert well even to cold traffic from sources like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

We’ve applied the Lead Magnet concept to dozens of businesses in nearly every niche you can imagine. It simply works.

For an example of what a Lead Magnet looks like, let’s look at one of our best-performing Lead Magnets to date: The Social Media Swipe File.

Here’s the landing page for the Lead Magnet:

If you fill out the form on this page, you’ll be taken to a sales page for a related Tripwire Offer (which is the next step in the CVO after the Lead Magnet). Notice there’s a notification at the top of the page letting you know that the Lead Magnet will be sent to your email:

Sure enough, here it is:

The link takes you to a landing page where you can access a PDF download that is ultra-specific, easily consumable, and most importantly, valuable for anyone trying to run a successful social media campaign.

Here’s what it looks like:

Every business, and therefore Lead Magnet, is different. But this is a great example to illustrate what Lead Magnets are all about.

One last question we sometimes hear is: how many Lead Magnets should you have?

The answer can vary because it depends on the needs of your business and your current offers and funnels. But most companies should have at least one Lead Magnet for each of their different customer avatars (AKA buyer persona).

Now let’s get started building YOUR Lead Magnet!