Create An Account

Before you can dive into the reports, you need to be set up within Google Analytics.

 You can create an account through Google.

Google will take you step-by-step through the process of setting up an account. Once you finish, you should have something called a global site tag.

This tag is a piece of code that you put in the header of every page on your site, so that Google Analytics can track how customers are interacting with that page (you can learn more about where to put them here).

Want to avoid all the hassle of adding in code to all your pages? There are a ton of website plugins that will automate that process for you. At DM, we’re a fan of MonsterInsights, a WordPress plugin. You can also take advantage of Google Tag Manager to help manually add in the code if you aren’t using a WordPress site (or even if you are… It’s a pretty cool tool!).

Action Item: Create Your Google Analytics Account, And Connect It To Your Website (Using Either Site Tags In Your Page Headers Or  A 3rd Party Plugin To Integrate Your Site).

NOTE: It may take at least 24-48 hours for you to have some data to use, but luckily, Google has a great Demo account where you can get a hang of the platform, and play around with running different reports (without the fear of breaking something).

You can access the Demo account by going to insights, and then clicking on the “Google Analytics Demo Account.”