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Workshop Overview

Sometimes the best way to win the game is to simply know the rules.While engaging content can often be viewed as an art, social media algorithms themselves are a science. They were designed by engineers with rules that reward specific behaviors. Once you understand those rules, you can make them work for you. Combined with the art of great content, virality becomes possible, meaning massive reach for your business—all without paying for ads!

In this Workshop, Rachel Miller, founder and creator of Moolah Marketing and the Grow Your Audience: Facebook Pages and Groups community, will teach you how to manufacture virality for your own social media pages.

Rachel’s “viral funneling” strategy will help make the social media algorithms work for you on all the major platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and yes, even TikTok.

By the end of the Workshop, you’ll have a new and exciting social media strategy that speaks to die hard fans and encourages them to promote your content and grow your brand’s reach.

What You’ll Learn

  • How and why viral content happens and the behaviors social media platforms reward.
  • Rachel’s step-by-step “Viral Funneling” strategy that manufactures virality so that your favorite social media platform will choose YOUR content to show to more people.
  • To create content (during the Workshop) that you can instantly post to your own social accounts to get more leads and sales.