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Jumpstart Pack Overview

Do you understand how important it is to have a content marketing plan? Providing value upfront to your prospect or customers not only turns strangers into raving fans, but it gains you an audience. When you put out amazing content, you grow an audience. And that audience will be hungry for all the content you put out, as long as it’s VALUABLE!

In this Jumpstart Pack, we are going to go over why you need content marketing, how to optimize your content marketing to fit the exact audience you’re looking to attract. After you understand the why, and how we are going to go over the best ways to get your content out in front of the right eyes using our optimized SEO, social media, and paid traffic strategies.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to craft a killer content marketing strategy.
  • The 9 different types of content you can create for your content marketing strategy.
  • Learn about our Content Marketing Formula and how it can be used to create amazing value for your prospect.
  • Learn how you can leverage the Customer Avatar and CVJ to create content for the EXACT audience you are trying to reach.
  • Discover how you can leverage content at each part of your full marketing funnel.
  • Learn strategies to boost your content through paid traffic.
  • Learn strategies to boost your content through organic methods such as social media and SEO.