Script a High Converting Video Sales Letter (VSL)

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Workshop Overview

Learn to craft the script for a Video Sales Letter (VSL) that sells your products and services. In this Workshop, you’ll learn tried and true copywriting principles and apply them to the most modern of selling tools: digital video. You’ll learn the core concepts of video selling, how to script a high-converting video sales letter from scratch, tips for recording and producing your VSL, and a proven process for optimizing and improving the conversion rate of your VSLs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about the five different types of VSLs.
  • Craft an expert VSL with our 12-Steps VSL Script.
  • Learn the type of equipment you need to film a great VSL HINT: YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR POCKET 🙂
  • Learn how to get a professional setup no matter where you are recording.
  • Learn the copywriting techniques to script a VSL that will get conversions.