Profitable Marketing for People Who Aren’t Marketers (…yet)

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Workshop Overview

Marketing is the single most important element to business success. After all, it’s marketing’s job to deliver customers, sales, and revenue, and without those you don’t have business (just a very expensive and soul sucking hobby). This is why to succeed today, business owners and entrepreneurs need to be marketers. Even if you don’t think you’re a marketer, you can learn a process that will help tell your business’ story, connect with customers, and make growing your business and your revenue simpler than you ever imagined.

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover a proven marketing formula to create a winning campaign from A-Z
  • Learn key marketing concepts and how they apply to your unique business
  • Identify and reach the right customers (the ones that love you, love what you do, and want to tell everyone about just how great you are)
  • Create a marketing blueprint that you can actually use and implement in your business
  • Get excited about marketing. This stuff’s fun (and profitable).