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Workshop Overview

In this workshop, you’ll learn the ad-saving, launch-ready, never-give-up-again testing strategies from the marketing masters at the Harmon Brothers Ad Agency. Not only will you learn their pre-launch process for ad perfection, you’ll also learn some killer strategies to cut down on your filming time, the fine art of audience sequencing, and how to splinter a single ad to create hyper-successful retargeting ads for prospects that didn’t convert the first time. By the end, you’ll have a process in place to churn out high quality, tried-and-tested ad creative that can be copied and pasted into email campaigns, onto landing pages, added to product descriptions, or given to your sales team. The Harmon Brothers dominate the creative ad space—with well over 1.4 billion views on their ads, and 400 million dollars in attributed sales, the secret sauce behind their sensational, viral video ads is not the development process, but the testing process they will be revealing throughout this workshop. Get ready to rise above the noise!

What You’ll Learn

  • A proven, step-by-step process for testing video ad creative
  • The secret to splintering so that you can turn ONE perfect ad into many perfect ads — all speaking to the right potential customer, at the right time