Engineering a Pitch-Perfect Million-Dollar Webinar

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Workshop Overview

Acquiring new customers is the least profitable activity in any business and becomes more and more difficult the higher your price point gets. By offering tremendous value and credibility at an early touchpoint, webinars flip the script on traditional acquisition costs and flood your funnel with customers who are ready to buy and unafraid to pay good money for your product or service. You don’t need a calculator to know that this means real cash flow. In this Workshop, Jason Fladlien, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Rapid Crush Inc. (and the pioneer of the webinar framework that has become the gold standard for the best marketers in the world) will teach you everything he knows about constructing an effective webinar that sells. You don’t have to choose between good content or a good pitch—the sales mechanism is built into the framework, and Jason will teach you to do both at a higher level than any of your competitors.

What You’ll Learn

  • A proven webinar framework that has gone through thousands of hours of testing and selling to become the gold standard
  • How to design a simple but effective webinar funnel for the best possible show-up rate
  • The special relationship between valuable content and a thoughtful sales pitch—and how to build both into your webinar
  • How to position your offer without feeling sleazy, cheesy, or skeezy
  • The best tech solutions for any business ready to get started with webinars