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Certification Overview

The Digital Marketing Mastery Class is the most comprehensive digital marketing training in the industry. The purpose of this Master Class is to help you become a “T-shaped” marketer. This 16-hour training is designed to give you the “top of the T” in digital marketing. In this class, you will cover the foundation of DigitalMarketer’s curriculum: The Customer Avatar Canvas, Your Core Message Canvas, and The Customer Value Journey. After you have completed our foundational topics, you will get a top-level overview of the major channels of digital marketing including: content marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, search marketing, email marketing, community management, and data and optimization. Once this certificate is complete, we encourage you to take one of our track programs to solidify the “vertical part of your T” to become a full stacked digital marketer.

What You’ll Learn

  • Customer Avatars
  • Core Messaging
  • Customer Value Journey
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Data & Optimization