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Playbook Overview

A unique selling proposition isn’t just about what your product does, its also about what sets it apart and how your potential consumer truly benefits. Without one, your customer will spend all their energy trying to figure out what exactly you can do for them, instead of how they can buy from you. It can be daunting to try to fit all of that into a simple statement that covers every base, but there are some specific strategies from StoryBrand™ CEO and author Donald Miller that can help make it easier. This playbook will guide you through the creation of a StoryBrand™ style unique selling proposition that gives your customer the problem, solution, and positive result without making them burn too many brain calories to get it. It’s clear, consistent messaging for your brand that you can use over and over again, from your socials to your emails to your homepage.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to write your unique selling proposition (USP) in a StoryBrand™ style one-liner that will state the problem, solution, and the positive result all in one easy to remember paragraph.
  • Once you’ve crafted your StoryBrand™ style USP, you’re going to put it everywhere that your audience would see it.

Playbook Resources