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Jumpstart Pack Overview

In this training, we’ll walk you through a cornerstone of marketing—copywriting. Copy is everywhere, from your website to your emails to your ads. We’ll dive into each of these so you can hit the ground running and start cranking out copy that converts for your home page, video ads, emails, and text ads (think Facebook, Google, Instagram). When you’re done, you’ll have the tools you need to write high-converting copy for any platform or audience.

What You’ll Learn

  • Hook your prospect in the first few seconds of your video ads
  • Write text-based ad copy that converts
  • Develop the core messaging of your home page
  • Craft sales-boosting bullets
  • Master the 12-step process for selling anything, no matter your product or industry
  • Create a video sales letter that converts using the proper sequence
  • Write effective subject lines and email body copy using proven strategies

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