Beyond the Blog: Making High-Value Content that Actually Generates Revenue

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Workshop Overview

Newsflash: content marketing can go beyond blog posts and clever social media captions. In fact, when done right, content that’s exciting and engaging stops feeling like “content” at all. In this workshop, GM at the Scalable Agency and the incredible brain behind some of DigitalMarketer’s best creative, Erin MacPherson, will teach you how to engage your audience with high-value video, print, and digital. You’ll finally learn to break through the endless cycle of writing humdrum articles, and instead spend time brainstorming and developing ideas that will hook your audience and give them opportunities to actively engage with your brand. Erin will also reveal the process she uses to train her creative teams and outsourcers in high-quality content production, and most importantly, she’ll provide a tool to give you clarity on the relationship between top-line revenue growth and the content you create. Whether you’re doing this all on your own, or have a team of 10 on standby, this workshop will help you break through any content slump and find something that works.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use big-brand swipes and inspiration from competitors to turn around content that engages and excites your audience
  • Over 17 types of high-value content (not just blog posts), and brainstorming techniques to reach your ideal customer
  • To calculate the potential reach, effectiveness, and direct revenue brought in with the content you create
  • What the creation process for high-value content looks like (whether you are a team of ten or a team of one), and how to train employees and outsourcers to produce at top quality